Tuesday, January 24, 2012


You remember her don't you?

I purchased this little gem, from Sewing Machines, etc., in Burlington, On, way back last July and I've had lots of time to really work it.

I did get the book out to  learn how to thread it.  There are two little  "thingies" up on the top and I wasn't sure about them.  One for sure is for winding the bobbin, a universal bobbin by the way.  The system they have developed with this machine for bobbin winding is fabulous.  I have never had a bobbin wind badly.  Bonus #1

I've used several of the stitches, some for fun and one especially because it is my favourite ~~ the blanket stitch.  I use it a lot and adjusting the stitches is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Just press the button for the stitch and then do your width and length. 

I gave it a work out at a UFO day last fall.  I bought this machine for workshops so I took it with me along with all my work for the day.  I wanted to make some sewing machine organizers for the upcoming quilt show.  I put the walking foot on that I bought for my Sapphire. I didn't have to buy another foot which I appreciated, because at $90 I really don't want to spend that kind of money.  I cannot say enough about how well the machine performed.  It went through the layers like it was melted butter.  Bonus #2

I needed the storage box Miss Birdie was stored in and as the weather had turned cold, which means my basement is cold, I set Hedwig up in the back bedroom.  I sewed the blocks together and then the rows.  In some places the layers are 8 fabrics deep.  I didn't have the walking foot on, just the 1/4" foot, but the machine took it in stride.  There was no hesitation with it going through all the layers.  Bonus #3

The only thing I can say against this machine is the spool holder.  It does not stand upright........always horizontal, never vertical.  That means I can't put a cone on the machine. 
I figured that out though.  I've order the new Superior Thread Cone Holder.  I'll put my cones on that and set it at the back and the thread the machine as usual.  That will work.

Now I can't say how well this machine will free motion quilt as I don't have a free motion foot for my Sapphire.  I broke it when that machine was acting up.  I bought the Mega Quilter so no need for it.  I did ask about it and it was recommended to only use it for small projects.  Just in case you were wondering.

If you are looking for a light weight machine that goes the distance, I highly recommend this machine.  It's going to stay upstairs for the rest of the winter.  The foot pedal doesn't get as cold in the back bedroom so therefore, my foot doesn't get cold.  I came up with a  solution for that too.

I sew with one shoe off and one shoe on.  I can feel the foot control better with a stocking/bare foot.  I knitted myself some slippers, so I slipped those on my feet the other day and it worked out really well.  No cold toes for me.  I hate cold toes.  Once my toes are cold, my whole body is cold and you never get a hot flash when you need one.

By the way, this would make a great beginner sewing machine too.  I'm keeping that in the back of my mind for some little person who likes to sew.  I think I'll let her use it the next time she comes over.

Hedwig, peace in battle..........we haven't had a battle yet, don't think we are going to.

I mentioned at the beginning that I purchased this little gem at Sewing Machines, etc., in Burlington.  What I failed to also mention is that if you ever need service on your machines ~~ any machine ~~ give them a call.  They do fabulous work in servicing all makes and models.  I did a feature on the store awhile back but you can check it out here.

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