Monday, January 30, 2012

Going back.......

this is the column that popped up last Tuesday by mistake.  Some have read it, others have not.

to Christmas a couple of years ago.  Kristina called and said "you will never guess what Cody wants for a gift."  I said..."oh boy, tell me".  I knew it was going to be good..................her voice said it all.

a sock monkey!!!!!

He was 15!!!!!

but that was what he wanted.

"Mom could you please make him one?"

I could hear the pleading in her voice.  Here he is once again gracing the pages of the blog.

Our youngest wanted one too, but I said that could be a sew day with Grandma when the Christmas break was on from school.  They all agreed.  In the meantime, things changed.  Morgan's teacher made it a class project but readily admitted she didn't have a clue how to make it.  That was the understatement of the year. 

I wish I had taken a before shot of poor old George but I didn't.  He didn't have a "sit down upon", he didn't have enough stuffing, he was just a mess.  I took some stitching out and gave him more legs and Morgan gave him more stuffing.  I made the tail because there was no way this poor child could do it.  The socks were way too small to start with.  You really have to use men's socks.

Anyway, we got it done.  The girl loves her George....................all monkeys are called George, aren't they?

He has teensy tiny ears, and no hat.  Neither monkey has a hat.  It is something that is a pain to make and unless you sew it on, will be lost forever.  Our boys do have scarves.  One is knitted and the other cut quickly from a piece of flannel.  I better get the needles out and start one for Morgan's monkey.  I believe I promised her one.

The instructions are still out there on the web.  I don't know why they aren't in mass production in some place of the world.  They are back in popularity.  Here are the instructions I used, if anyone in your family would like one.  I know Irene is going to make them for her grands and another gal I know is considering it.  Its a fun project.

You will notice the print on the page has become larger.  I was having trouble reading what I had typed up, so I went in and enlarged the type. (yes, I had my glasses on.)  I hope now I won't haev as mnay typo's and you won't have as many porblems reading the blog.

I know, I put those few in on purpose.

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