Thursday, January 26, 2012

Choosing fabrics

 seems to be very difficult for some people, for others its a walk in the park.  For me its my favourite part of quilt making.

When I worked in the store and someone was selecting fabric and had not a lot of confidence in doing so, I would ask them their favourite colours.  Then I would tell them to look around the store to find a fabric that they really, really liked.  Sometimes it didn't have any of their favourite colour in it at all.  It spoke to them, as we say.  I wanted the fabric to have lots and lots of colour in it, not one with only two or three.  Something like this............
Take a look at the possibilities in this one, grey, green, oranges, magentas, white/cream and all the variations of said colours.  This is one magnificent piece of fabric.

Lets do a table runner.  Blocks are on point with sashing and cornerstones, maybe.  This is the border fabric.  I've used EQ to make this up. 

add some sashing and cornerstones next.....................

Now let's fill in the those empty spots.

Start pulling from the colours in your border. 

This is alright, but the one below is so much better.

Let's get them all on here.  All these colours are found in the border fabric.  All of them.  Where you place them is up to you.  You can have cornerstones or you don't have to.  Without gives it a stained glass look.   


When choosing fabrics, lay the border fabric on the cutting table and then search the store for co-ordinating fabrics. Open up the bolt of fabric you are using for your border.   Keep stacking them and then step back.  Step way back and look at your choices.  Do they flow?  Do you like the appearance of them?  Is there one that you just don't like.  Then take it out and find another.

Be prepared to spend some time when selecting fabrics.  Don't be in a hurry.  It can take an hour. sometimes more to find that perfect flow. 

I was down at my local shop last week and I knew this red fabric was what I wanted.  Then I looked for a co-ordinate.  I took three different bolts off the shelf and then I stepped back and took a good look at the shelf where I knew I should be finding the fabric I needed.  I spotted it right away.

If you find you are having problems with selecting fabrics, ask at the store for help.  Every good sales assistant can help you pick what you like.
If still in doubt, pick a line of fabric and go with that. 
If picking from your stash, start the same way as above, pick out your border and start selecting fabrics in the same colours as printed on the fabric.  Don't stick with one colour in many shades.  It will be dull, dull, dull and look what "pops" out.

That fabric I selected..................I'm making sewing machine organizers and this

Now I must say this before I stop for today.  Choosing colours in the store is much easier than finding them in EQ.  I did my best to show examples of what I think works and what I think doesn't work, but doing it Live and in Colour is best.

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