Friday, December 16, 2011


Sorry, I'm a bit late getting this posted this morning.  Our computer was updated last night with 17 new whatevers Microsoft wanted to put in and boy was it s-l-o-w getting up to snuff.  All is well now though.

We got some mail yesterday.  A Christmas card from our friends..................our friends of 43 years.  I know that cause our boy is turning 44 on Tuesday and we met them about a year after he came into this world.  Enclosed were some photos and I told Jan that I was going to feature them on the blog.

This is Jan's fabulous red and white quilt.  She was starting to work on it when they lived in Saskatchewan, but then some of the blocks got packed away as they were moving cross country to Newfoundland to live closer to their daughter.  The quilt is done and it looks fabulous.  It is hand quilted so it takes a bit longer to finish than the ones I do. 

There was another photo too.  These are the bears Jan makes.  I didn't know she made bears until our last visit to the ranch.  That time she showed me two she had just completed.  They were a bride and groom and were being given to a young couple who's wedding Jan and Reg were going to attend. 

These four bears (in the front) are very, very special. 

Jan's sister-in-law Marlene inherited (well, I presume she did) Grandma's fur coat.  She shipped the coat to Jan and asked her to make bears for her two granddaughters and then another two for whom we do not know.  (I can't remember who the back two are for.)  Aren't they the best remembrances of a grandma who has passed away?  What a fabulous idea.  There is enough of the coat left for Jan to make her daughter a bear as a keepsake.  Kim spent many, many summer holidays at Grandma and Grandpa's so she remembers her Grandma with special thoughts.

This link I was going to share with you next week until the ruddy light came on in my brain.  This will only be available until December 20th which I know for a large, large fact is Tuesday of next week.

I printed off the instructions and hope to get to them in January to tuck them away in the gift box we keep going all year long.

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Humboldt Broncos
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