Thursday, December 15, 2011

I don't want to be the only one

There are so many great patterns on the internet, I don't know why we are all buying books and patterns.  I do though and never regret a dollar spent on any of them.

Let's start with the internet for 2012.....................

Angie's Bits and Pieces are offering fabulous new patterns and one of them I can't wait to start.  I think I'm going to start collecting fabrics for it.  I'm going to let you decide which one I'm talking about.  And look at those labels.  Wouldn't they make great gift tags?

I've already told you about this one, but a reminder never, ever hurts, does it?  Vintage Tiles Revisted from Lecien USA.  This is definitely a "do" for me.

This next one is from Erin Russek.  She does beautiful applique patterns, but hey you can cheat like I do you know.  Nothing stopping you from doing that.  I can't figure out how to work this one in, so think its a "gee I would love to, but................."
Well those three should keep us all busy for awhile, but you know then there are books.  I buy books and read them in the evenings or at coffee break in the afternoon.

I have two new ones.  This book is geared towards machine quilting.

Machine Quilting, the basics and beyond.......................
by Lynn Witzenburg, Published by Landauer  Books, available at Chapters (on-line) and Barnes and Noble (on-line).

From the right equipment and supplies to batting choices the first 17 pages tell all and tell it well.  Chapter one is dedicated to preparing to machine quilt with great tips to read and even nicer than that, they are in separate boxes on the pages, so you can see them quickly.
Different techniques come next with lots of tips and ideas on every page. 
Do you stipple, meander, echo or do a motif? 
There are projects to do at the back of the book and great stencils for your personal use.
This is one great book for your bookshelf whether you are new to machine quilting or have been doing it for awhile.  I know I learned a thing or two.  Now to practice!
Before I move on, this book has a spiral binding. I love it! The book lies flat so you can sit it beside you if you want and it will stay open while you follow the directions as you quilt. Wonderful idea.

*TIP*If you are thinking about starting machine quilting buy the best curved safety pins you can find and a Kwik Klip.  These are my starting 'tools' for machine quilting.  I couldn't do the sandwiching without them.**

Spotlight on Neutrals, by Pat Wys, Published by Martingale and Company, available at Chapters (on-line) and Barnes and Noble (on-line).

The look of a "neutral" quilt really appeals to me.  These quilts fit into any decor and can look almost elegant on a bed. 
Do I own one?  No
Will I be making one? Yes.......................someday.

The quilts in this book are stunning.  There is no other word for them.  The biggest decision will be which one to make.  I cannot find a favourite..............they all are.  There are tone on tone creams, creams and blacks, creams and browns and the most perfect tone on tone in the book is called HavenStone, a reflection of Pat Wys' scenery of where she lives in Atlanta.  Stunning does not do it justice.  Amazing, breathtaking, staggering sure fit the description of this quilt. 

I love the names of the quilts in this book too...........White Chocolate (one of my favourite flavours), French Silk (fits my background too), Baby it's cold outside (fills the bill for where I live), Kitty's Baskets (nothing to do with a 4 legged creature), and Going my Way....................................well are ya?

These are the two latest additions to my bookshelf.  I'll be adding more and coming back to old favourites to review for you soon.....................I haven't forgotten about the last two Quilters Academy that I promised.  Better do it before the last book comes out.

You have probably wondered why I never recommend other places to buy books.  You can order from the book publishers, but I like to keep my book stores alive and well.  I love to go in and browse through my bookstore.  I don't want to loose it, so my theory is this ~~  you use it or you loose it.  I choose to use it.

One of the things I preach and preach and preach about is copyright.  Nothing bugs me more than people who violate the copyright laws.  This month in Quilter's Connection magazine is one fabulous article on the subject.  I've been going to write about this for a long time, but now I don't have to.  The folks at the magazine have done it for me.
Don't think that if you have seen it on the internet, it isn't subject to copyright, cause it is. 
Don't think because you changed 10 things in the pattern it isn't subject to copyright, cause it is. 
Don't think that if you take something from my blog, it isn't subject to copyright, cause it is. 
Don't think because the pattern is from the United States, it isn't subject to copyright law, cause it is. 
Don't think that because you took a workshop and it was the instructor's own pattern, it isn't subject to copyright, cause it is.
Did you know that I have to be gone from this earth for 50 years before my copyright on something is over..............50 years!  Well, I know for a fact I won't be here in 50 years and I doubt a lot of my friends will be either.....................that would make me 116 and I don't want to ever be 116.  I want to go while all my faculties are in working order.  Course, some would doubt some of my faculties are in working order now.............................

Okay, stepping down from my                                                      now!


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