Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hey there, Smartie pants.......


Before I begin let me first say, I just pulled all my Christmas reds from my stash and used what I had.  If you cut carefully, you should be able to get 8 'pants' from a fat quarter.  This is based on Canadian fat quarters as we cut 19 1/2" (or more) per quarter.

Cut a rectangle of fabric 4 ¼” x 10 ½”

Press in half wrong sides together making a good crease.  On one open short edge, fold over fabric to the wrong side, ¾” and press.

Find the middle and mark.  Approx 1/8” below the fold line and in the centre, place a piece of stabilizer and either mark (as below) or make an eyelet buttonhole.  If you do not have an eyelet buttonhole on your machine, you can zig-zag around the marking you have just made.  Cut open.  WARNING!!!  Make sure the buttonhole is large enough that you will be able to get a safety pin through when you put the ribbon in.

Remove all excess stabilizer.  If you don't have stabilizer, you can use paper, but a light weight paper is preferred.  Similar to the weight of graph paper.  It is easier to tear away than the bond paper from your printer.

With right sides together sew down both long sides of the rectangle, re-enforcing the stitching at both top and bottom.
Find the centre of the pants and mark up 2” from the bottom.   Make a line 1/8” on both sides of this mark.  At the bottom, place a mark 1 ½” in from both sides.  Draw a line from this mark to the top, across the top and then do the other side exactly the same.  These are your stitching lines.  Stitch, re-enforcing the stitching at the beginning and the end.

Trim away the excess fabricving about 1/4" on each side of the stitching.

Fold over the casing at the top...¾” and stitch in place. I found that if I sprayed the casing with spray starch, and then pressed with steam, it will hold long enough to do the stitching.  This way you won't need pins that are in the way as you sew the casing in place.

 Cut a piece of ribbon 15” long and with a pin, pull the ribbon through. 

Fill the pants with about 2 tbsp. of Smarties, filling only the legs, tie the ribbon into a bow and  you have
‘Smartie Pants.’

Thanks to my friend Barb C., for giving me a pair of smartie pants last year for Christmas so I could share this with you.  I also have her permission to pass on her instructions.

I have discovered that Smarties in Canada are different than Smarties in the United States.  Our Smarties are similar to M & M's.  Unfortunately I cannot find out what other countries have Smarties

Which Christmas was this?  I don't remember
Peter and Kristina.  Oh my goodness, Taylor does look like her Mom

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