Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two friends named Mary Ann

Not everyone is lucky enough to have one friend named Mary Ann.  I am though, I have two!  One lives in Texas and the other in Minnesota.  I "met" them both on the quilting forum Coming Together to Quilt.

Mary Ann in Texas and her daughter Cassie, whom you have met here before, both had an opportunity lately that I wish I could have.  They had the opportunity to spend an evening with Taste of Home.  Have you ever heard of it?  It's not in my part of the world.  I'm going to let Mary Ann tell you in her own words.

" The Taste of Home Cooking School was held in Austin Music Hall, in downtown Austin, Texas. Unfortunately they never turned up the house lights so it was hard to get good pictures.

Our Instructor's name was Jamie Dunn. She was very entertaining and funny. She did a Q&A section and answered a lot of questions. She gave away a lot of cookbooks, Tshirts and all the meals she prepared were plated on beautiful platters and given as door prizes too. She also had prizes from many of the national sponsors of the event such as Westbend and Chex cereal. We had a Cooking School magazine/recipe book to follow along with the recipes she was making. Most of the vendors were food/health related and many gave away samples and freebies. Some of the vendors donated door prizes too.

I was lucky and won a Westbend toaster oven. I don't have one so I am looking forward to learning to use it. Everyone also got a "green" shopping bag that had a lot of coupons and gifts in it. It was a really fun evening and we enjoyed ourselves.

Mary Ann, you are going to love that oven!  I use mine at least 6 nights out of 7 for everything from baking to roasting to making a Leek Pie.

I did find out that Taste of Home is part of Reader's Digest.  Now when I popped over to their website this recipe was front and centre.  Aren't this the cutest things?  Wonder how you could make them look like Easter bonnets? 
Now Minnesota Mary Ann had an adventure with food too.  Not quite the same though.  Mary Ann posted on our forum:  "I agreed to set a table for the arts council's Tables of Distinction dinner on October 27th!  I have to set a 60" round table with 8 place settings, and it's supposed to have a theme of some kind." 

Mary Ann has a beautiful collection of 1950's Red Wing Pink spice dinnerware that she wanted to use.   None of us on the forum sit back and don't voice opinions so we all gave suggestions on what to do.  Now before I go any further and Mary Ann wonders how I know so much about this, I googled it and found an article in their local paper.  The dinner was a fundraiser for the local arts council and if you would like to see more you can go here.

This is Mary Ann's table setting.  Isn't it beautiful?  Being as young as I was in the 50's -- yes, I was -- really, truly -- the only thing I could remember were poodle skirts so I suggested that.  Texas Mary Ann made fabulous suggestions, and I think and so do a few others, that she should go into business.  How about 45 records for charger plates?  Bet you wouldn't have thought of that one. 

This is what Mary Ann told us about her table.

"To recap the Table Art with Flair plan: my 1950's Pink Spice dinnerware and Fostoria pressed stemmed goblets; individual glass nut cups with candies of the 50's; round pink polka dot napkins with pink poodles (reminiscent of poodle skirts); more candies of the era on my Pink Spice tidbit tray; three carnation "ice cream sundaes" for the centerpiece.

I also made place cards so some famous people will be seated at our table. I included a little info about and picture of the famous people along with their names. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Pres 1953-1961; Rosa Parks, refused to give up her bus seat 1955; Dr. Jonas Salk, polio vaccine 1955; Mr. Potato Head released 1952 and first toy to be advertised on TV; Barbie Doll designed in 1959; Elvis Aron Presley, released 1st single "That's All Right" 1954; Lucille Ball, "I Love Lucy" first aired in 1951."  (I chose to leave off her personal information that she shared with us.)

Oh would you like to see those floral ice cream sundaes?  These are so darn 'cool'.

Great adventures for both the ladies.  Lucky people

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