Monday, November 14, 2011

One month to go

For the bloggers that live in the Halton Area and read this blog, would you please pop over to Elizabeth's blog today and read what she has posted.  Elizabeth is trying something out that will benefit us all.

Okay, now for today's ramblings................

It didn't take any of us long to get this month's Miss Birdie done.  Lynda was the first out of the gate with her block finished and posted on the forum.  This month's block is all about the American Thanksgiving which is coming up the end of the month.

Lynda added a bit more than the original pattern, some pumpkins, apples, leaves, what Thanksgiving is all about.

Gloria finished hers too!  These are so quick and easy.  Gloria added some falling leaves to give it that autumn feeling.  I really like them both.

And then there are the Canadians in the crowd.  As you know our Thanksgiving is in October so this doesn't quite fit our calendar.  We did some thinking and this is what Irene did..............

and this is mine.  Mine is in rememberance of 4 young soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan on April 22, 2006

One month to go.  I bet you it will be a Christmas theme.  I have a design in my head, but I'm going to wait and get some things done that have been waiting patiently for me. two Mary Ann friends

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
This blog is dedicated to the young people that lost their lives from the Humboldt Hockey Team. It is also dedicated to the first responders, the doctors and nurses and to the families and the people of Saskatchewan

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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