Friday, November 25, 2011

Off the bookshelf and into the blog

Quilter's Academy .. Book 1

The first book deals with basics, right back to the beginning.  It is all about skill building and there are things in this book that I never knew.

How do you test the accuracy of your 1/4" seam allowance?  Paper, ruler, which of these or more?

Pressing seams...................the right way...............notice I said pressing, not ironing.  There is a difference.

Do you know your fabric basics?  Cut, tear?  Which do you do and why?  I'm tearing from now on.  Why?  Can't tell you ~~ that's copyright.

Your iron.  Which should you buy?  I bought the wrong one, but I'm not taking it back cause I like it.  If you need a new one, the page should be an interesting read for you.

Colour.  Ahhhhhhh, colour.  We just had a guest speaker at our guild who talked to us about colour.  I was really annoyed with her as she spoke to us about paint colour and wouldn't even get into colour with fabric.   Harriet does talk about fabric colour and talks very well about it.  Large prints, small prints, calicos, stripes, dots, all kinds of fabric and what we call them in the quilting world.

I love the read I got on page 72 about choosing fabrics for a quilt.  My goodness, that I've been doing right all along.  She tells you to start with a favourite fabric and build around it.  Exactly what I did when I worked.

There are quilts to be made using the lessons that you have learned.  Easy quilts, cause after all, this is book one.

Now for my American friends.  Barnes and Noble also carry the Hargrave

I noticed that their prices are cheaper too. 

Our grand girl #2 is coming for the week-end.  She sort of invited herself.  We are baking and sewing a pillowcase as part of the plans.  We are having pancakes and bacon and eggs and stew (you don't put nushrooms in do you grandma?) .  It will be a very good time.

Remember that card making workshop I told you about.  This is the result of that.........a trip to Michaels and this is what I came out with.  And then there was another trip yesterday cause this is the week that the 50% coupons come for daily deals.

One month today is Christmas Day.  Our son called yesterday "Have we bought his present?"  I said, no, well sort of and he said okay he'll buy it himself.  He's getting to be like his Dad.  3 things I had on a list for Karl ~~ three things Karl has bought for himself the last couple of weeks.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Humboldt Broncos
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