Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Like these fabrics?

After I made the Christmas stockings for Kristina's gang, I was done with paper piecing.  I like it, but not fond of doing it day after day. I still had a tree skirt to make and the pattern she picked out had more trees........done with paper piecing.  No matter how hard I tried (and I tried 3 times), I couldn't get the pattern to work and I was only on row 3. I looked for another one and found it accidentally when I was cleaning out some old magazines.  I showed it to Kristina and she said..................go for it.  It went on the back burner cause I didn't like the fabrics I had.

I went down to Bronte and Karen helped me select two new ones................the red and the holly leaves.  I really like the holly leaves.  This is the pattern we selected................use the term "we" lightly. 

I started and I finished sort of.  Took awhile cause there was always one row that I messed up and then I would mess it up again and again.  It was mind boggling that one row could cause so much angst.  I did use my head when it came to marking the cut pieces though.
These are all the pieces needed to piece the skirt.  At first I started to mark the cut sizes and then realized the pattern actually had letters for each piece and those letters were going to be important to putting it together.  I marked each set of pieces with the appropriate letter.  As you can see by the photo on the right I also marked the changes in fabric, to make it easier on myself.

I worked on this for three days although not entire days.  One day I was interrupted, the next day was baking, laundry day and then!  It was done!

I didn't like it at first.  Too much red, but everyone else I've showed it too, likes it, so this week she is sandwiched, quilted, bound and out of my house.  No more sewing for anyone else until after Christmas and even then it may not be done.  I don't like sewing what other people want. I like them to say to me......I would like and I'll leave it to you to decide.

Gotta run. While I'm writing this I'm also sending emails back and forth and Karl and I are going out this morning.  Better get my act in gear.

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Humboldt Broncos
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