Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I did a workshop

I'm doing things I've wanted to do for awhile and learning new things too.  I'm really enjoying it.  I signed up for this awhile ago through that little local quilt shop once again.  I don't always want to go quilting, I want to try different things.

I made cards!!!  Beautiful, beautiful cards and something I hope my grand girls will enjoy doing too.  Here they are.

I'm going to start in the bottom left hand corner and work my way around.  The tree is made of mulberry paper which we drew a line on and then tore very gently.  I loved the look of it when I was done.  Not perfect, but no tree is.

Top left is a two sided piece of paper that we could do what we wanted with. I chose the side the no one else picked.  I also did the design differently.  I think on my headstone it should be written..................I did it my way.
The middle one I'll come back to.  The top right card, of course, is different than anyone else's.  I put the top paper on point and then did a flower instead of a Christmas theme.  I didn't think of the ribbon colour until too late.  I should have done the colour of the flower red, but hey you live and learn.

The bottom right caused me some angst.  I couldn't get the strips placed perfectly and it nearly drove me crazy.  They don't line up properly along the top so I placed my ribbon there so no one could see the difference.  Next time I'll draw a light line for placement.  Other than that I do love it.

Okay the top middle favourite.  I just love this one.  We got to muck up our fingers and kids will love this.  You put your thumb onto the ink pad and use that for the reindeer's head.  You draw on the ears and the antlers and give them a red nose.  I did my thumb, pointer finger and baby finger, hence the different sizes.  Another angst for me as they aren't centred but I kept telling myself these are for practice.

You can stamp messages inside

and add a motif to the back, you know like Hallmark does

I'm going to get me some supplies.  Yes, I am.  I could get totally addicted to this, it was so much fun.  I'm also going to do this with my grands when they come over for a week-end in December.  They invited themselves.

Special thanks to Shelley for teaching us and sharing her supplies.  It was a great day for all of us and we are all looking forward to more.  I bought some cards from Shelley too to send to some special people we know. 


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Humboldt Broncos
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