Thursday, November 24, 2011

Harriet Hargrave

I was checking my Facebook page the other day and noticed a posting by C&T Publishing about Harriet Hargrave.  The Grand Junction Sentinel (Grand Junction, Colorado) had interviewed Harriet and as much as I would love to give you a link to the article I can't.  You have to log in and some of you won't be able to do that.

The article is about a series of new books that Harriet is writing in conjunction with her daughter, Carrie.  To quote Hariet "These do not contain typical quilt patterns, rather they’re full of information."  They are probably similar to her fabulous From Fiber to Fabric book which she published many years ago.  It is one book I'll never get rid of.  I will say there are some things she does talk about that I wouldn't agree with, but hey I'm not the expert.  I do know that I couldn't make a quilt without my 1/4" foot. 
Quote:  "Quarter-inch feet do not work because they don’t take into account thread weight and bend of the fabric in the seam allowance."

I heartily agree with Harriet on bamboo batting, but not for the reason she states:  "bamboo batting is not an ecological choice as advertised. Hargrave says it’s one of the most deadly products, because a toxic substance is used to dissolve the wood. It’s the advertisement that “makes you think you are doing good."  I did a burn test on bamboo batting and it didn't pass.  I used my 'flame thrower' and lit the corner of a small piece.  It melted into itself slowly and when I dropped it on the ground, I decided to put it out with my shoe.  It stuck to the sole of my sneaker.  I had a heck of a time getting it off.  Can you imagine this stuff inside a baby's quilt?  Or one on your bed?  That was the only piece of bamboo that ever came into my house.  I'm leaving the bamboo for the pandas.

I ordered all three books called the Quilter's Academy and they are up to volume 3.  I'm going to take my time going through them and absorb as much as I can.  They are all about skill building and whether you have been quilting for donkey's years or you are a beginner, it never hurts to take a few lessons and get a few tips to improve your skills.  Sometimes I get lackadaisical with my quilting and the results show it.  It never hurts to get back to the basics.

Here is a link to Harriet's website.

I would give you the blog, but they don't appear to be keeping it up, so why bother.
These are the book covers:

On the website the cost of these books is $27.95 US dollars. This is what I found on the website in regards to shipping.

International Customers

Email or fax orders only.
Outside USA: call us at (303)424-2742 or fax us at (303)424-1780.
You can email us at
Please pay by Visa or MasterCard (no checks or money orders). Actual postage plus $4.00 handling fee will be added to your bill at time of shipment. All taxes and custom duties are the customer's responsibility.

If you buy them from Chapters in Canada, the price is significantly reduced and if you order all three at the same time, you get free shipping. 

My intentions were good, but I didn't get a column written about this yet.  I promise faithfully I will.  There is a new BOM on the web from

Blocks 1 and 2 are now available.  I'll tell you more about this on Monday..................on my honour!!!

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