Friday, December 2, 2011

Finish It Friday........FIF

When Morgan comes for a visit she always brings along a stuffie.  This past visit wasn't any different than all the rest.  Papa Smuf came to stay over and sleep with the girl. 

On Sunday morning we went downstairs to watch a movie and Morgan decided she needed a quilt for the blue buddy.  She picked out the fabric and then we went on EQ to design something.  I wanted it quick and easy as I still have lots to do for Christmas.

We googled Dr. Suess fabric and found the exact yellow that she had in her stash and then we just picked out the others from the EQ software.  Its quite a conglomeration of fabric, isn't it?

She was happy with the one result so I took her fabric and cut it into 5" squares.  I sewed them together and then convinced her to use one fabric on the back instead of making a backing that took a lot of work.  Morgan selected a flannel and then the decision how to quilt.

I suggested something "easy" and she agreed.  Here it is..................all done and ready to be given to Papa or whomever the girl decides needs it at the moment.  I may make some more from scraps for her.  (That's one of the teddy bears that lives in my house.)

Taylor's quilt is finished too. She is getting it tonight when she comes over for her sleepover.  We are sewing tomorrow...................well, I am while she watches.  I've never done anything like this so it will be interesting.

And then there is this..................the new bed in the back bedroom.  Its a "trundle" bed so both girls can come at the same time.  Its a good sturdy bed so an adult could sleep on it, if needs be.  Now to get the quilts made.  I think I have enough fabric to make two matching ones.  Yellow, cream and red.  I need some more snowman pillows out too.  I have a couple ~~ well maybe more than a couple ~~  they would look good on the bed.
Taylor's quilt

The backing (which I wish I had bought more of, darn it anyway.)
and the label...................

Have a good week-end everyone.  I'll see you all on Monday.

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Humboldt Broncos
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