Monday, November 21, 2011

A comedy of errors.............

I had dropped off my Straight to the Point quilt at my long-arm quilters and she phoned 2 weeks later and said "pick it up"!  We arranged a time and a day for me to go over.  Then it happened.

I was working on the computer getting something ready for the other blog I do and lost track of time.  (Thank the heavens above I had bathed and dressed before I sat down in front of the pc.)  I looked at the time and it said ..... 10:30 a.m.  I was to be there at 10:45 and I had to drive to the other side of the next town.  Not only that I had to stop at the bank 

and get some money to pay for it.  I thought to save time I would hop on the highway but that didn't quite work out.  I sort of forgot that my LA's house is down by the lake and not up near the highway.  I added to my driving time, I didn't take away. 
I got there and no one was home.  I didn't have my cell phone (I rarely do) so I couldn't call home and get Karl to check the date book.  I waited around for a bit and then decided to go to the sewing store and kill some time.  I knew she hadn't gone far as she had her dogs with her.  They weren't barking their usual greetings.

I went back to the house and her husband answered and said she would be home soon, she had gone for a run.  I sat in the car for maybe 5 minutes and then she came running home.  She had forgotten.  No worries, I had totally messed up.  I took the quilt home and the next day was back at the computer doing work for the 2012 quilt show................remember I said 2012.  After I had all that work completed I made the label for the quilt....................I read it twice.............I ran it off...............I took it downstairs to size it and then I saw it.............I wrote I had completed it in 2012!!!!!  I didn't have anymore label fabric, so I had to leave it.

Anyway, the quilt looks good, the binding is on, the sleeve is on and so is the label with a little bit of altering done.  It is ready for the quilt show in 2012.  One quilt at one LAQ's and when it's back I'm ready for the show.  I'm putting in 5 quilts, maybe 6.................the 6th is a think-about for now.

The quilting matches the "splash" in the border fabric. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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