Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's a birthday today.
For Me
For You
This is post number 500
Thanks to all of you who drop in every day and read the blog. 
I enjoy doing it and am thankful you take the time out of your day to peruse my words while perhaps you enjoy your morning cup of coffee.
Tomorrow we start the next 500

I really do love taking classes.  You meet new people and see folks you haven't seen for awhile.  I was kind of shocked when someone walked into the last class I took and she said "Hi, Bev."  You know how you know a face, but darned if you can put a name to it.  Turns out it was Cheryl from the Guild.  I sat beside a girl that used to shop in the store and the girl across from me shopped there too.  Like "old home" week.  It was great.

The workshop was on a new technique called "Let's Twist".  You sew a bunch of charm squares together along with a border and then you cut!  You use this neat little tool that makes pinwheels so quick and easy...........its fantastic!

Everyone had read their materials list and were ready to start.  That is unusual, believe you me.  I have never walked into a class that all were ready to get going.  There is always someone that hasn't done their homework.  Not this time and it was pure pleasure.

This is how you start.  Sew everything together.  (Sorry about the colours in the next two photos.  My camera settings were wrong.)

Once that is done, you take this little tool, place it so that the four lines on the tool match the four seams and start cutting.

It was great.  I've never made pinwheels so fast or so easy.  You are always trying to get everything just right with seams on a pinwheel and without bulk.  With this method, there is none of that.

This is the method we used.  It's called "Let's Twist" and if your quilt shop doesn't carry it you can find it here.

Now we didn't get finished but most of us went home with very little left to do.

This is Cheryl's..............the girl from my guild.  This is going to be fabulous when its done.

Next is Carol's.  She is an old customer at the store I once worked at.  A great looking holiday table runner

And this is Kaitlin's.  The girl in the top picture.  This is Karen's daughter................Karen taught the class.  The class was held at The Quilters' Garden Patch in beautiful Bronte, Ontario.  Karen is a top notch teacher and she is fun.  I love taking classes from people that have a sense of humour.

Another first class piece of work.

This is mine.  I have one more row to put on and then the borders.  I thought I would do it that night, but I had laundry to finish when I got home and then just didn't have the get up and go, to git'er'dun.

There are two sizes to the tool.  The small one we used at the class and a larger one you can use for 10" blocks.  I see a large quilt being made in the future that will fit nicely on our bed.

Since I wrote this, I completed the top and have all the machine quilting done and the sleeve on.  I offered this to the programme committee for the November guild meeting, so it had to be finished.  Nothing like a promise to someone to get things done.

I laid the quilt on the windowsill and before I had the camera in my hand, someone! made herself at home

The photos were not turning out well, so I laid the quilt, Misty and all, on the floor and took another so you could actually see it all finished.  I have promised her majesty she can have it when I'm done with it. 

I found this cool whirlygig quilting pattern and I did that in the borders.  I'm really happy with it. 
Thanks Karen for a really good lesson.  I enjoyed every minute of it and just love the way it turned out.

Don't forget today is Miss Birdie day.  Go here to download your pattern.  Oh dear, I hope that works. 
(It didn't work until 9:25 when I remembered to go check it.) 

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