Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The original column for today will appear tomorrow cause I want you all to know about this!

You all know that I own a Husqvarna Sapphire sewing machine, fondly called "Fancy Nancy".  Although I have a Husqvarna #1, the Sapphire has turned into my machine of choice.  The old machine is now used by my granddaughter when she comes over. 

There are numerous reasons I like this machine, the thread cutter, the pivot feature of the foot, the up.down of the needle and now that I've used it for the past few years it has finally turned into "my friend".  I've had issues with this machine in the past, but right now, its performing like a well oiled machine.

The other workhorse in my sewing room is the Mega Quilter.  I do all of my machine quilting on this brute and she is a brute.  Whatever I hand her she takes in stride.  She doesn't have a name............"queenie" would be perfect though.  The only thing I don't like about this one is the lighting.  There could have been more, but I have this lamp from my Dad's old workshop and it is perfect for that extra lighting I need.

  I have always wanted a lighter machine for taking to classes.  I have searched for years and had machines recommended to me, but they weren't from Husqvarna.  Its a name I've come to trust over the years and I like the dealer who is located in the town over from me. 
I decided to go on Husqvarna's website and see what they had that is new.  Son of a gun.  A lightweight sewing machine for quilting.  I phoned my friend and told her and we thought we would pop over on Friday and see if specials were on because of the Creative Festival in Toronto.  After we had this all set up an email arrived in my inbox.  Guess what?  My dealership is having a special.
Today only at Sewing Machines etc., in Burlington you can buy a 100Q sewing machine that weighs a mere 15 lbs.

This is what I read in my email newsletter:
She's computerized and for one day only $379! The next available computerized machine from HV is regularly $899. WOW! Computer functions save time and make sewing easy. The ideal stitch settings are set automatically and can be easily adjusted for specialty techniques. Computerized makes it super easy for even the newest sewer!
She's Jam-Proof and frustration free! With Needle Up/Needle Down and a drop-in bobbin case, it's very hard to get her to jam up - thread nests are a thing of the past!
She uses the Husqvarna Viking Snap On Presser Feet. SO easy to change and there are over 60 additional feet available. No matter what technique you want, the H-Class 100Q can do it!

I did check and the feet from my Sapphire will fit the new machine.  The bobbins don't, but when they are 10 for $5.00 they are affordable.  I'll buy another bobbin ring....................these from Prym and I love them.  You pop your bobbins in, if you drop it on the floor the bobbin stays in place and doesn't unwind.  I have 3 now, all different colours, one for the Sapphire, one for the Sulky bobbins and now one for the 100Q.  Worth every penny you pay for them.

I'll have a photo of the new girl when I pick it up on Friday.  Yes, I have ordered one.  I'll now be able to go to classes with something more portable and I can leave Fancy Nancy at home where she belongs.  "Portable Polly" sounds like a good name to me.

Tomorrow, I'll finish up about nine-patches.

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