Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A trip into the countryside

Last Wednesday Karl and I and "the girl" went for a little drive out into the country side looking for fall colours.    They weren't easy to find and we were a bit disappointed.  Fall is coming late to Ontario this year.  The temps are still nice and warm and we sort of hope it lasts for awhile. 

The best photo I took was on the grounds of the
Wellington County Museum in Fergus.  Karl and I drove up there a couple of years ago for a Threadworks display and I hope to drag one of my friends up there soon to see their new display of log cabin quilts.  Then we could find a quilt shop or two and buy or not!

As we drove along I saw a farmer out in his field cutting his corn crop.   There were two tractors out in the field ..... this one and one following along behind.

Take a look at the back tire on the wagon.  See him there?  This dog must have been pooped that night.  He followed that wagon the whole row and it was a long one.  I bet he stayed with them until the work was done.  Old faithful!

We stopped at this little store in Neustadt.  A little village that not only had this store that had apples to sell by the half and full bushels, apple pies hot from the oven --there was also a quilt shop!!!  Karl hit the brakes when I said quilt shop and I went in and had a lovely chat with the owner while I picked up four pieces of fabric.

The windows on the side of the store have been painted.  Take a look at these.  They seemed to fit right in to what we had done that day.

Oh, would you like to see what I bought?  The little shop is called the Cosy Nook and its on Jacob Street.  No website I'm afraid ... just a delightful little shop you could browse in for awhile.

I have plans for them.  The reddish one is going on the back of a wall hanging that is headed to Haiti, the one next to it is for a fall wallhanging that came in a kit that I just bought and the white and blue are for those snowflake ones.  Nothing purchased on impulse for a change.
Tomorrow, Henrietta................

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Humboldt Broncos
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