Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just too funny not to share

I had an email from my friend Minnesota Mary Ann yesterday after she read the blog.  I laughed so hard........both my Mary Ann's have a great sense of humour....................I thought I better share.  I mentioned that I thought I would call my new "baby" Portable Polly.  Well, Mary Ann asked what we called "loo's on jobsites" up here in Canada cause in Minnesota they call them "porta potties".  There is no way this new Husqvarna is now going to be called Polly.  I googled girl's names from Sweden and she is now.............................are you ready?...........................
HEDWIG.  Yes she is.  The meaning of the name is "peace in battle" which could be quite appropriate for those days when quilting and I don't get along.  I did think of honouring Mary Ann by giving the machine her name, but changed my mind.  Sorry, Mary Ann.

Now for today's column which was postponed once ~~~~~~

Okay, this is it!  No more.  I'm done.

This is called the disappearing on point nine patch.  I thought of this all by myself and I'm quite proud of me.
This starts out as two different layouts.  These are the two blocks.  Notice the layout.  They aren't the same.

After they were all sewn together, I cut them from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, but before I did I cut two strips of  fusible interfacing 1" wide

I took this strip to the ironing board with the blocks and laid it carefully from corner to corner and then pressed it in place on the wrong side.  I made sure it covered the intersecting corners.

Then I cut.

This is block number one cut..................
 and on the flannel board.

block number two cut

and here they are together......

You can fiddle and fool for awhile moving them around until you get what you want.  I liked this so I joined them together.

These blocks started out as 13 1/2" squares, and when I was done it now measures 19".  Three large blocks across and you get a top that will be about 56".  Not bad for a few hours work.  Then length depends on you. 

I'm going to give you a page (yes, you click on the word page) that you can fool around with.  You can print off as many as you want and using your crayons or coloured pencils make blocks to your liking.  Cut them with a rotary cutter with your paper blade in and you can make your own design.

Click on the word FILE, then scroll down until you see PRINT (it has a little icon beside it).  Any problems let me know.  I'll try to help you out.

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