Monday, October 24, 2011

October birdie

This month's block was fabulous.  Loved it the minute I opened up the website and saw it.  So did everyone else.

Gloria was the first one finished.  She is so fast .  She needs a new name, like Speedy Gonzales

Lynda was next to complete hers.  I was really slow getting started on this block

Irene is done too.  She sent two photos over of her block and I'm going to feature both of them.  This is Irene's wee girl.  Isn't she pretty?  Her name is Sophie.

and now for the block cause you really can't see it here

This is mine.  I didn't notice until I took the photo that I hadn't traced the bird's legs.  I have them embroidered now.  I did a black bird this month.  It seemed rather appropriate for the month of October.

I'm going to start trimming up my blocks and joining them together.  I won't have as much to do when it comes to December, although that may be a welcome chore after the hustle and bustle of Christmas. 

Our daughter-in-law Heather loves to make unusual gifts................out of the norm.  She has made bouquets of flowers for baby showers out of baby socks, but two things she has made lately have been absolutely fantastic.  Her nephew is expecting his first child...........a little girl. Her mommy is French Canadian and that's why the bibs have French on them.  This is a Noah's Ark Cake made from diapers, stuffed animals, bibs and a few other necessities for babies.  She has also made another special gift for another nephew expecting a child.  I'll post when she sends me a pic.  It is amazing.

Now just to ruin your day did you know it is only 2 months until Christmas Eve?  Yup it is!   Sorry hope I didn't wreck your day.                          

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Humboldt Broncos
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