Monday, October 31, 2011

It's been weighing on my mind

The other night at guild I sat listening to the speaker (who shall remain nameless) for 5 minutes and I knew, I just knew this was going to be bad.  Almost the first thing out of her mouth was "this is the first guild I've been too, that sits around at tables".  She had already talked about another guild that sat in a horseshoe shape and that was just wonderful. 

She had flatly refused to use the stage or the microphone.  It was difficult for us to see her and to see what she was showing us.  I knew what she was suppose to be talking about but she seemed to be way out in left field.

Colour was the topic.  Now I'm a quilter..............I use fabric, right?  Well when she finally got going she wouldn't talk about fabric, she talked about PAINT!!!!!!  PAINT!!!!  I don't paint, I quilt!!!!!  It was really going downhill............she discussed hue and tint and how we got it and how the primary colours of the colour wheel were changed with blacks and whites.  Still talking paint here folks..............she wouldn't discuss fabric. In truth, she fluffed it off.  She kept showing us paint.  I never did get it, because about 5 minutes into it, I just quit listening ~~ well, sort of.

I guess the frosting on the cake, was when she told us she had been hunting that day for this photo album so she could show us her work.......................that day she went looking for it....................that day she thought about what she was doing that night.  Is this how much she thought of us?  Makes you wonder doesn't it?

I guess the cap off was when she finally showed us some of her quilts.  There was a bird in the centre of one of them and I couldn't distinquish the head from the feathers.  It was similar to the NBC peacock, you know with the feathers out and surrounding its head.   Even the speaker admitted she couldn't distinquish so she put beads around the head to make it more visible.  Well, sorry, lady, this gal still couldn't see it.  And she had just talked about colours!!
I wasn't the only one disappointed in this presentation.  I haven't spoken to one guild member who was.  We paid good money for this woman to come out and I think the least she could have done was give us a decent 45 minute talk.  It was by far the very worst we have ever had.  
In all the years our guild has been going this was the worst.  Not worth a dime.  Too bad cause if anyone ever asks, we are going to have to tell the truth and her speaking engagements may just dry right up.

This isn't a reflection on our guild members who look after the programme.  They are doing a fantastic job.  We got stung.............really stung and they were every bit as stunned as the rest of us when this woman did not present the programme she was asked to do. 

I don't know there is a moral to this story, but I do know that if you are paid to do a job, do the job you are paid to do.
Oh, want to learn about the colour wheel.  Here it is and it won't cost you a dime to learn all about it.

About that photo at the top of the page this week.  That's our daughter Kristina dressed up as CN railroad worker.  She used her overalls, her Dad's shirt, a red piece of fabric in the back pocket and a hat -- an official hat -- from the CN.  A neighbour of my parent's worked for the CN and he gave it to her.  I never made a costume for my kids, they had to find something in the house.  They never failed to go out all dressed up.  If I can find a photo of my son dressed as Dolly Parton I'll post it for all to see.  Don't tell him I've done it though.
Oh, for those that aren't Canadian that CN stands for Canadian National, one of the railroad companies here.

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