Friday, October 14, 2011


We are done!  Henrietta is finished and we are both pleased as punch.  They both turned out to be beautiful quilts and ones we will treasure for a long time.

This is Irene's.  She followed the pattern to a "t", which as you know I'm not inclined to do.

It's perfect, isn't it?  Vibrant, rich colours, absolutely ideal for the fall. 

Here is mine.  We were the only two I know that did this wall hanging.  I nearly gave up way back when two many crows started to appear but I perservered and I'm so glad I did.  My borders are not what was called for.  I didn't feel like doing the square in a square cornerstones one more time. 

This is the last free pattern for a quilt that Bunny Hill is offering.  I'm really disappointed as I love her work, however, I do understand when she says it is time consuming.  Anyone who has ever designed a quilt knows that. 

I plan on doing other BOM's next year................nothing from the internet but from books I own.  I'm breaking one book down to do it and the other book has 12 blocks in it and I'm doing that.  My friend Irene is taking a break from quilting for awhile.  I'll miss her....................I will really, really miss her.

That's it.  Another week is gone.  I'm off to a quilt show today.  Halton Hills are holding their show up in Norval so we are seeing the show, shopping, going to the Glen for our lunch at the bakery and then stopping at the Hobby Horse to pick up some batting I have pre-ordered.  I have to be back in time for supper as we are taking granddaugher #2 out for her birthday dinner to Montana's.  She loves their ribs!

Have a good week-end everyone.  Saturday I'm taking a workshop so there will be a blog on that one coming up.

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Humboldt Broncos
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