Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Something I saw the other day made me think about this for awhile and then I decided that I should address it.  Borders!

My Henrietta quilt gave me the perfect opportunity to write a column about it.  This border is just slightly longer than the fabric.  I join my border fabric on an angle.  I never join straight -- never!

Once I have it sewn together, I trim off the excess and then press the seam open.
For this particular border I joined three stripes, and then folded them in half and then cut them with just a tiny little trim

Then its decision time.  How much of the join am I going to use?  I don't want a couple of inches on the end because in my humble opinion it just doesn't look good.  Once my choices are made, I fold the length in half and then cut off the excess.  Yes, its wasted but you know I'm going to be a lot happier with it done this way.  It is also a lot less noticeable if you don't put the joins opposite each other.

See where the "x's" are?  Those are the joins.  Offset from one another.

After you press it, you don't even notice the join.  Now it's time for top and bottom.  I offset these too.  I try my darndest not to have the join from the top near the join on the side.  I don't want peoples eyes travelling to the joins.

Now these are the four borders all on and pressed to the right side.  Can you find the joins?

Tomorrow, the  backing of Henrietta....................wait til you see this!!!!

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Humboldt Broncos
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