Friday, October 28, 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Superior, it is!

Before I start today, I must apologize to Elizabeth at the blog "By the Water".  She mentioned on her blog that Patti and I had new pages and she changed hers too.  Well, I guess she has noticed I've really been working on mine and I think this is more to my liking.  For those that read all three blogs, you and Elizabeth have not gone nuts.  I have.  When I find something I can play with on the computer, I get lost for hours.  Karl can attest to that.

Well, we went over to Cotton Mill Threadworks last Friday morning fully intending to buy one spool of a neutral coloured bobbin thread.  I found............not true, Anita picked it out.............a fabulous grey tone that will work well with light coloured thread on the top. 

I like the bobbin thread from Superior, although when you go to buy it, that isn't what it is called.  It is called Bottom Line

All thread photos from Superior Threads website
and it is so fine that when you wind a bobbin you end up with well over 100 yards of thread.  The thicker the thread the less winds on and you have to stop and refill your bobbin a little more often.  Hate that!  My machine doesn't warn you its running out, you just don't sew anymore and if you are really in the groove you aren't paying attention and darn it, you have all this stippling done -- or so you think!
I picked up two cones of thread for upcoming projects.  I bought a fabulous red for Kristina's tree skirt I'm working on. 

I also bought Dill  -->  for no particular reason. I just liked the colour and think I will be able to use it for a lot of different quilting projects.  Henrietta instantly comes to mind.

I already had a lime green from Anita that I bought to quilt my grandson's nine patch.  It looks fantastic in the centre of the quilt on black.  I'm going to use this same thread on a quilt for a baby that is due to go out in December so I think I better sandwich it soon and get cracking on it.

Of course, I didn't stop there.  I bought one more thing.  Stable Stuff Poly by Ricky Tims

I want something to put behind my work when I'm doing the blanket stitch on different projects.  I haven't been using anything and so far I've been lucky but I know one day my luck is going to run out.
Anita told us it's also good for paper piecing because you can run the sheets through your printer (use the lightest ink setting), print off the pattern, do all the paper piecing and then you can just leave it there.  It will wash out to a fine layer of polyester fibers inside your quilt.

This is the quilting with the thread.  The top is not done with Superior Thread, its quilted with thread from Connecting Threads.  The threads are not the same weight.
Click on the photo, it will appear larger

This is the back, done with Bottom Line thread.  You can't see the stitching from either side.  The bottom thread is not pulled through to the top or vice versa.  It doesn't matter where you look on the back, its the same.  
Click on the photo, it will appear larger
Click on the photo, it will appear larger

Do I recommend it?  You bet your bottom dollar I do.  Large cones, you get a lot on the bobbin, fine stitching.  Not much more to ask for.
By the way, I've added Superior's blog link on the side so you can follow what is new and what they have tested for the consumer. 
Well, that was the damage I did last week.  No more travels until the 16th of November.  I can't afford anymore.

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