Monday, September 19, 2011

Well, my goodness

I posted something on Facebook the other day and I had a comment made that went along these lines................stop holidaying and start blogging.  Soooooooooooo, for now I'll blog.  Our next holiday is cancelled so we are home for awhile.  We were headed up to the Ottawa area so we could travel into Quebec's Gatineaus, but the leaves haven't turned yet, so here we are.  We may go up a bit later.  Won't this be something to see when and if we do go.

Someone said to me the other day..........."how do you get so much done?"  First of all I select what I want to do.  I love BOM as I've told you before.  I can get a block done in a few days or even a week and then it's done til the next month rolls around.  You can do 4 quilts at one time doing it this way.  Keep them in separate containers and it's ready when you are.  I have two BOM's already picked for next year.  One is by Brandwine Designs, A Critter Christmas (scroll down, it's there) and the other is from a new book I purchased the other night.  That's for another column.

The other thing I love to do is kit!  I've had one pattern in a box for a few years collecting fabrics when I see them or when someone very kindly gives me fabric for my birthday.  I will spend a day selecting the different fabrics I need for something and put it in a plastic see-through bag or a box, and then I'll take another day and cut.  Everything is then kept together and when I'm ready to sew, it's ready too.

I'm making pillows for my young girls for Christmas, so I took the panel, the batting, the muslin, backing and the zipper and popped them all together and when I feel ready I'll just have to machine quilt, make the backing and then I can put them away......................another gift ready to go. 

My oldest granddaughter's quilt is all cut and one day I'll just sit and strip piece it.  That makes it fast. I'll put it up on the flannel wall and when I have everything the way it should be I'll put the rows together and hope I haven't made a mistake.  This should be easy to do, but one wrong turn and you will be kicking yourself around the block or as Canadians say "done like dinner".  This is more or less the quilt.....not quite so bright, but various blues and greens with the same yellow running through it making the steps.
That's how I do it.  Of course, as I jokingly say, I also don't do housework or cooking.  I do bake cause once I get that going I can sew!  In reality I do housework, I do cook but only occasionally anymore.  Karl kind of took that over when he retired.  He enjoys it and it gives him something to do when he can't find anything else to putter with.
Now you know my secret.

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Humboldt Broncos
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