Thursday, September 22, 2011

September block of the month

This block has been done for awhile.  It's been up for all to see, but in actual fact no one has really seen it until the other day. 

This month's block celebrates our anniversary. 

Oh my gosh we were awfully young way back then.  And boy was I tiny.  Not lookin' that good anymore.  Back to the subject at hand.

I really thought about what to do for this month.  I thought a school house, then an apple orchard, but when I went in search of something nothing really twigged with me.  Then I found this great pattern over on Angie's website.  I looked for fabric to make it, but nothing was twigging on that front either.  Then a little light bulb came on.  Why not do embroidery?  I found the perfect background, then two great fabrics for the borders. 

It reminded me of the top we had on our wedding cake.  There was a bit more to it way back then, but time has not been kind to it.  Part of it has broken away, but this is still in tact.  I keep it in my china cabinet.  I should wash it then I would break what is left of it.  Best to leave it alone.

This is it.  This is one of my favourites so far. 

I have no idea where I found the pattern on Angie's site.  I do remember there was more to it though.  If I had the perfect fabrics I would have done it another way, but luck wasn't with me this month. 

My rule for these blocks was I had to use the fabrics in my stash.  So far, so good.

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
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