Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New books

I wanted a couple of books for about a month.  I saw one on a blog and the concept is fabulous.  Its called
A New Light on Storm at Sea
which is published by C & T Publishing

This is what caught my eye

I think this is so different.  I wouldn't do the ribbon as part of the background, cause that just isn't me, but the idea is terrific.
This is something else that makes the book unique.  A design page.  This shows you how to do it and further into the book there are blank pages so you can do your own.
Each quilt can be made using a tool called the Quilters Trimplate or you can do them with the paper piecing templates offered in the book.  I've decided this is going to be my January project, on one of those stormy winter days we are sure to get.

This book is a gift from my son and daughter-in-law for my birthday.  I have favourite stores and one of them is Chapters.  I love books.  I love to browse book stores just to see what is there. 

I am trying desperately to get rid of some fabric.  This book gave me some ideas right there in the store.  Here's number one

Just cut 4 pieces of each fabric and then sew.  How much easier can things be?

This is number 2........
the simple snowball.  I think I would keep the corners the same fabric, but I have lots of yardage so that is do-able for me.
And then this one.  Who says you have to do all the blocks the same?  Keep the continuity of the sashings and do what you want for the rest of it.
both of these books are still available at Chapters, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  You may also order A New Light from C & T.
I wrote this column on August 30th and the day before I was in the bookstore once again. I wanted to buy a book for my secret sister, but Chapters had a deal on and I cannot resist deals.  4 books for the price of 3, so naturally I bought 4 books.  3 novels and 1 quilting book.  I'll review that one later cause I'm still browsing.

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