Thursday, September 1, 2011

My friendship quilt is done

 Why friendship? 

The last time we received our Mr. B's Preview Charm Pack it contained batiks.  My friend Mary Ann in Texas posted on our forum that she would love to exchange her pack for the previous one.  They were a bit -- shall we say -- soft for my taste.  I haven't typed so fast in all my life as I did that day.  I typed in large bold, blue print  I WILL.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I knew an idea would come along one day.

Yesterday it did.  I went on EQ and calculated out the requirements.  Darn, I was 12 short for what I wanted to do.  I found fabric to add to it and started to sew.  This is the start.

6 blocks across and 12 rows. I just kept sewing and sewing until it was time to head over to my LAQ to drop off a quilt.  When that was done, I headed up to one sewing store to pick up some iron on interfacing to continue on.  I had one more stop to make at my local quilt shop.  I needed border fabric.

Once home I ironed on the interfacing (sorry, I can't give you step by step instructions cause that's copyright violation............I'll give you the link to the pattern at the end, how's that?) and then I cut the whole thing into three pieces so now it's on point.  Cool, eh?  And oh so easy.

Karen at the Quilters' Garden Patch in beautiful downtown Bronte, helped me select the border fabric.  When I walked in I had in mind lime green and black.  I love those two fabrics together.  W-e-l-l, no black!  Navy blue..........but that didn't work.  So between us we chose.........................are you ready.............

these two fabrics. 
They work beautifully

I worked on the quilt up until supper.  It was my turn to cook, so I had to stop or starve.  Then after I had my "r and r" on the front porch, I went back downstairs and put on the last two pieces of the final border.  I'm really happy with it.  I think this one just might go in the quilt show next year. 

 I posted it on Facebook and my LAQ (as she prefers to be called, not LA) booked it right away for November.  How lucky can you get?

To my friends, a huge thank you for the charm squares, the help in selecting the border fabric and for booking my quilt in so quickly. 

Oh, yes, I promised a link to the pattern.  Here it is.

It is on the Quilt Woman website. 

 "r and r" in my book is rest and rejuvenate

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