Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My money is all gone.

Last Monday afternoon, the phone rang.  My friend Dawne was on the line and asked me if I would like to travel up to "The Glen".  I told her Karl had just brought a load of cauliflower into the house and we had to get it in the freezer.  We made arrangements to go up the following morning.

I had a bunch of books I knew I wanted to pick up for friends.  I wanted the new Nancy Halvorsen book................I'm turning into a collector of her books.  There was a new redwork book that has easier embroidery in it and I would really like to try out the Let's Twist technique.  There are two more books to follow as they didn't have them at the store.  The supplier is sending them over and then I'm done with books for awhile.  Yes that is a pattern you see.  I'm going to try it as a stash buster. 

Our guild is collecting donations for viewer's choice awards.  Dawne is in charge of the collecting so I had the perfect person to ask "What can I give?"  I opted for the panel on the right in the next photo.  It is an apron, but there are also oven mitts and "trivets" on it.  Of course, they could be made into pot holders.  I'm adding spools of thread, a measuring tape and little scissors.  The other apron is for Morgan.  She puts one on when she helps out in the kitchen and mine are just a titch big.  I will be making the ties longer so she can pull them around to the front.  I learned that trick a long time ago, when dear sweet Peter would walk up behind me and untie mine.  Always waited til I had my hands full.  Just knew when to get me, that boy did!

These were my fabric choices.  The batiks are for a sunflower wall hanging I want to make for someone.  I have two so really don't need another.  The batiks were only 11.95 a metre and the yellows will be perfect for the petals.

The blue fabric in the background in this photo is actually for the sunflower.  The others are for two projects.  The red and purple will be Joseph and Mary's robes in a Nativity I'm doing for Grace Children's Hospital and the other is a gift for a friend.................well half of it.

That was my shopping trip.  I enjoyed my day with Dawne.  The time flew by as we are both great talkers and we have so much in common.

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
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