Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My first thought didn't work

Awhile ago I dug out  charm packs that I had bought somewhere.  There are the Moda line called
City Weekend.  I had decided to make the Texas Two Step by Atkinson Designs.  I had to do lots of
re-cutting when I cut them in half so I won't be doing that again. 

I finally finished sewing everything together ~~ and not without a mistake ~~ but I didn't photograph that!  Never thought of it.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

This pattern is one of those that if you see just pops right up and smacks you in the side of the head.  I had a thought.  For those of you that have ever done secretarial work you probably remember those stands we had by our typewriters to hold the work we were typing from  (I know, I know, I just aged myself. LOL)  One of these things..............

I took mine downstairs and put the coloured picture from the front of the pattern on it.

I could place the plastic piece at each row and follow along.  It worked fairly well.  Note the fairly!  Don't try to hold it against your flannel wall with your tummy and step back.  It doesn't stay there well by itself.
I laid the fabric strip down on the table in front of it and block by block checked each one.

If you have EQ you can do it another way which I did eventually do.  I printed off a plain copy of the pattern.  Then I took my coloured pencils (or as they call them in Ontario, crayon pencils) and coloured only the blue area.  That worked better for me.   I got to colour too!!!

Once the rows were all sewn together it was time for the borders.  I know this pattern doesn't call for borders but this quilt was just too small.  I had purchased from my local quilt shop, The Quilters' Garden Patch, this fabulous soft yellow fabric.  I thought I would put this on, and then the blue fabric I had used for the main colour of the quilt

Want to see what it looked like? 
       Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much blue.  I thought this could be for a little girl and that blue just took over everything.  I was really disappointed.  I told Karl I was ripping out the yellow and would just go with the centre.  He asked "why".  Men don't understand sometimes.

Or maybe it was me!  I didn't want to have a tiny quilt.  They are only good for a little while.  So I left it for a day.  Thought about it and then went and dug out my favourite piece of baby fabric.  Its just about finished.................just a tiny bit left, but oh did it work well.  Its that turquoise middle border.  I bought it in PEI last year.  I always love the ones I buy farthest from home.

Now, I'm happy!  I plan on quilting this with pink thread ~~ bright pink thread ~~ with flowers all over it.  They will be in the borders and in the centre.  Then I have to wait to bind it.  Darn it anyway.
This pattern was fun to do.  I have another quilt to make from it.  Its going to be in yellow, blue and green.  It's on the back burner.  I have to start a tree skirt.

Tomorrow................product review

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