Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little hanger thingies

I learned how to make these a long time ago.  I have no idea where I got the idea from, but I've made yards of them since that time.  I do remember it had something to do with children's mitts.

When you are finished, this will actually look like the cording you buy in a fabric store.  It is easy to do and you can make it from yarn, pearl cotton, embroidery floss, whatever you have on hand.

I used three strands of pearl cotton cut 21".  Tie a knot in one end of the strands.  (I have this marvellous little cork board that I can pin the knot into and hold it in place.)

Holding the end that does not have the knot, place the three strands between two fingers and roll them together. You must roll them tightly or the next step will not work.

Once you have them tightly rolled, knot them together and then....................take the end you have rolled to the end with the knot.  It will twist into itself

like so

I sat on the front porch and made quite a few of these for the little holders.  Each strand when completed was enough for two holders.  The length of each cord, for each holder, was 3 1/2" and that was folded in half to form the loop.

All my holders are done.  The red/white ones are for family, the blues are for friends.

The red fabric looks a bit Scandinavian to me.  As you all know Karl is Danish by birth, Canadian by choice, but we still salute his heritage.  Our grands are quite proud of the fact their grandpa came over from Denmark and don't hesitate to tell folks either.
I thought I knew where I bought this as I would have loved more of the red on white, but my local store wasn't the one.  I bought another that worked well for the last four I made. 

I've come up with a few more ideas for these.  I exchange with a few girls during the holiday season.  One friend loves to applique, so she is getting a fat 1/8, a measuring tape and a seam ripper.  She is a lefty so I'm not going to give her scissors.  Another one is getting a lottery ticket, with the stipulation, that if she wins, please don't forget me.  I've also thought they would be a great idea other times of the year.  Mother's Day and not only pop in a gift certificate to her favourite shop, but a little token gift too.  The possibilities could be endless.  Oh, and can you imagine Easter.  Chocolates tucked inside and for a little one, maybe a little "stuffie".  Yes, as Martha would's a good thing.

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Humboldt Broncos
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