Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to the birthday

My youngest granddaughter never fails to give something homemade for birthdays, Christmas, whatever the occasion gift.

For my birthday this year, she gave me a homemade card.  Now this must have taken awhile and let me show you what it was.  I know the printing isn't showing the best so this is it.

Very funny

Non lazy
Delicious Mars bars treats
Really good quilter
Sewing hero
Of course, great person
Number 1 Grandma

I love you.  I hope you love me to

Now isn't the just the best!!!  I'm so happy I'm a grandma.  I have fantastic grands.

Morgan stayed over for two nights.  On Monday afternoon we went to the sewing room and made a placemat that she will be able to take home after our holiday.  It turned out pretty darn good considering it was a design and sew.
This is the front.  I bought three fabrics for Morgan quite awhile ago up at The Hobby Horse and I did have other plans for it.  This worked out better though and so much easier for me.  The fabric on the back is marshmallows on a stick.  Not much better camping food than that for the two of us.

I wanted to place the piece of fabric for the centre smack dab in the centre of the needlepunch, so once again I took out those Frixion pens and marked the centre.  Worked out well!!

We gave Morgan a new "stuffie" for the trip. 

Her name is Daisy.  She needed a new collar and tag, so I took an idea from Angie and made her one. 
The name tag wasn't too bad to make.  I traced the design from Angie's, stuck the paper on the fabric, and then stitched.  I tore the paper away and then zig-zagged around the edge.  Looks pretty darn good.

Of course she needs a collar to go with the tag, so after three attempts we have one made.  Morgan is quite happy with her new found friend.  All Daisy needs now is a leash.  I'm working on that.

When we come home from the trip, I'm going to write a book for Morgan about her travels. 

The front of the book will have the lyrics from the song............."I'll give you a Daisy a day dear, I'll give you a Daisy a day, I'll love you until the rivers run still and the four winds we know blow away."

The song is not about a puppy or a Grandma for that matter, but it is one of my favourite songs and I sure will love my granddaughter until the rivers run still and she will love me too.


Don't forget Bunny Hill's August Henrietta is posted on the 5th and that's tomorrow too.

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