Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We drove by this shop last fall, but didn't stop in.  This time we did. 
The Great Canadian Soap Company is on the way to Brackley Beach. 

wonderful soap

We watched the video and then had to make huge decisions.  As I don't do well with a lot of scent I opted for the unscented of just about everything.

First day -- yes I said first -- we visited with the goats, both the mommas and the babies. 


This baby was 6 weeks old when I took his picture.  They are fully grown at 6 months.  He was so soft and gentle.  A cutie he was.
6 week old baby goat

We went inside and bought soap and hand soap.  I kicked myself royally later I hadn't bought hand cream.  We rectified that situation.  We went back.  We bought more soap, two kinds of hand cream and more soap dispensers.  We have a supply now for awhile. 

This soap is actually soap!  It is not a beauty bar as is Dove, it is not Ivory that is suppose to be 99% pure, it isn't Aveeno.  Did you know none of these products are actually soap?  I didn't.  Read the ingredients list on the packaging. 

I bought a bar, I tried the bar.  My skin has never, ever felt better.  It is soft, smooth and I'm starting to sound like a commercial aren't I?  Karl has had a rash on his back for months that nothing was clearing up.  Its nearly could be gone.  I haven't looked the past couple of days.
This is what we purchased.  Some of the bars of soap were free as we spent X number of dollars.  They have a thing that they could explain.  There is more, but I opted not to go out to the trailer, bring it in and forget it at home.  I do that often enough with other things.
This is another small business on the island that is becoming known around the country and quite possibly the world.  You can order on line and it will be delivered to your door.  It is marvellous stuff.

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Tomorrow.................wool!  but from where?

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