Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July birdie

I received a phone call yesterday morning.  It was from Linda Beeston from Slave Lake, Alberta.  What a wonderful lady!  This is the gal that is collecting all the quilts for the folks burned out in the raging forest fire.  We had a great chat on the phone and over the next few days I'm going to get 2 more quilts together to send out.  Both are in stages so they won't take long to finish up.
If any of you have a quilt in your home, that would love a new place to reside, consider sending it out to these folks.  They have nothing.  Let's all "Blanket Slave Lake with love"
Before I begin today's ramble, let me have time to vent! 

I love Americans, I really, really do.  I have not met one yet that I didn't like.  I have one complaint though and its about pattern designers.

When the girls in the USA design something they tend to forget there are other countries in the world.  July is the month that always causes everyone else in the world angst!  It means 4th of July.  It means patriotism.  They forget about the rest of us. 

I love my country.  I am one of those that thinks Canada is the best country in the world.  It means red and white.  Yes we celebrate Canada Day, and yes I proudly wear my Canada Day tee-shirt on the 1st wherever I go.  For us it doesn't mean stars and stripes, red, white and blue.  I really wish that July could be something else so it would be for everyone and I didn't have to redesign what is offered.

Okay I can hear you all now why does she do the BOM from the States?  Hasn't she wised up by now?  Well, the problem is we have so few designers in this country and if they are on the internet, I have yet to find them.  We only have one Canadian quilting magazine and the rest are from the USA.  You can purchase Australian and one from Ireland, but hey, I'm not spending a month's wages on them.  From now on, if the BOM doesn't show me what they are offering for the year, I'm not doing it. 

Here's the block..................stars on one bird, stripes on the other. I'm sure if she was doing her block in brighter colours those fireworks would be red, white and blue. Our symbol is the maple leaf, but have you ever tried to draw that sucker. 

Okay, I'm stepping down off my soap box.  I'll never mention it again.

This is Irene's block.  She did a bit of fixing up.  She did put the maple leaves on the one bird.  I do not know where she found some so small. 

This is my Canadiana block.  Red and white, pink and red fireworks, and my birdie is "Anne".  My birdies are sea gulls this month in tribute to our trip to Prince Edward Island.

Wonder what next month will bring?  I have a thought for it.  A beach bird.  One sitting there with an umbrella over his head protecting him for the sun.  Nothing protects from the heat.  As I type this on Sunday, July 17th at 12:43 p.m. EDST the temperature showing on the computer is 90*.  Still time for it to rise more.  And it is humid. I'm heading back to the sewing room.  At this rate, I won't have any fabric left...................LOL

Tomorrow.................the happenings of Henrietta.

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