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is a beautiful city.  You can park your car in one area and then just walk everywhere.

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We had to visit two stores, one fabric and one Anne of Green Gables.  This is about Anne.  I wanted three books for two little girls in Melbourne, Australia and some for a friend who absolutely loves Anne.  I wanted some new ones too.

This is Queen Street, one of the main streets in Town.   It is like a small town in Ontario. It is fabulous.  This is where the store is located.  It has nothing but Anne inside.  By the way, this town has the cleanest streets.  I never saw any litter anywhere.  The residents should be proud of that.

Well, here it is.  The Anne store I shop in.  I love it inside.  Books, books and more books, dolls, everything Anne.

This is what I bought.  I could buy it all at Chapters, but it just isn't the same.  Anne is so "Island". 

I must admit I didn't start to read these books until I was in my 50's.  They are so good.  I love them all.  Lucy Maud Montgomery the author of the books came from the Island and certainly helped to make the Island well known.

The books I bought for me are about Pat.  I've never read them.  I'll let you know how much I love them.

For those of you that are not Canadian, Charlottetown is so special to all of us.  Well, I hope it is.  It is the birthplace of our Confederation.  This is where 36 men founded our country in 1867.  The strange thing is, Prince Edward Island did not join the union until 1873, but they did sign in on July 1..............our very special day to celebrate!!!  On some trip down I intend to go through Province House just to see "the room" where it all happened.  I may even stick around after supper to watch the P.E.I. Light and Sound Show

Monday.....................fabric ~~ finally!

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Humboldt Broncos
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