Tuesday, July 5, 2011

back on July 1st

We drove up to the National Park and drove through from Brackley Beach to Dalvay.  We made a slight pit stop on the way.

wonderful soap

A wonderful place to either see the goats or buy soap and body creams.  It was fantastic.  You can see by the name its The Great Canadian Soap Company.  This guy is only 6 weeks old.  He was really, really cute.

6 week old baby goat

We stopped at Shaw Beach and took a couple of photos.  This is not the side with the red sand, as I said on Friday.  Must give my head a shake someday and rattle the sawdust out.  This part of the Island has white sand and dunes.
Shaw Beach, PEI

This was our destination.  Covehead Harbour. 

Covehead Harbour

The home of fishing boats                                                                                        lobster traps
lobster trapsboats in the harbour


yummy food here

We had a good feed of fish and chips and then continued down the road to take a photo just for you of Dalvay.  For those of you that followed the Road to Avonlea series this is the White Sands Hotel.  It is absolutely stunning.  Oh and yes, this is where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dropped in to visit on July 4th, along with 2500 other fine folk. No, I wasn't invited.
Dalvay by the Sea

The day was complete with a drive past a potato field. One of thousands on the Island.

a potato field and yes, we have already had a feed of fresh new potatoes.  We will have to have at least 4 more!

We leave tomorrow.  I won't be writing anymore until I get home.  We will head to northern New Brunswick the first day and the its Ontario on day 2.  Day 3 will see us back at home.

Have a good three days.  Talk soon............................

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Humboldt Broncos
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