Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're off!!!

Before we go, I want to show you the future of quilting and generosity.  These two girls are granddaughters of one of our members, Patti by name.  These young ladies contributed a quilt each to Slave Lake along with teddies and wonderful letters to the recipients.  Here are Hayley (11) and Courtney (7).  They are standing in front of over 120 quilts, some afghans, home knitted socks, toques and stuffies for the little ones.  Well done ladies.



We're out of here!  Time for our annual start to summer vacations.  Once again we are heading down to Prince Edward Island.

We travel across this magnificent bridge that they opened in 1997.  I love travelling over it.  You are so high up in the air and a friend of mine who is a pilot told me that from the air it is a site to behold.  The Confederation Bridge links the Island to the rest of Canada.  For everyone it is so much faster to get where you are going.  No more ferries to wait for, but you can if you want to.  There is still ferry service from Nova Scotia to PEI

We are staying in the best campground on the Island.  We discovered it about two years ago when we met up with our friends Reg and Jan.  We took a campsite and they took a cabin.  It is so clean and the Andrews family are so friendly. 

This is our home for the next three weeks.  We love it!!!  No one else has ever lived in this house on wheels.  It cleans up in a jiffy.............well, let's be honest I just don't clean on holidays.  I do it before we leave and when we return.  We have this unwritten mess it up, you clean it up.  It works for me!

I hope to be able to post photos while we are away of different things we see and do.  I don't know whether I will be able to as I haven't purchased a "stick" yet.  Some places have wireless internet and some don't. 

Everyone be good while I'm gone.  Keep quilting!  Oh I forgot to tell you about the store I found last trip down.......a return visit is in order I believe.  Of course, there are also 2 in Charlottetown and one in O'Leary and then there is Bedeque and N. Bedeque.  I'll be fair and distribute my money evenly.

P.S.  I have a stick.  I can post while I'm gone,and I hope it will be this and that and some other stuff too.

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Humboldt Broncos
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