Monday, June 20, 2011

The Texas Two Step

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!  I had this whole post written and the gremlins stole it on me. 

Ah well............................this is the Two Step, the real two step

(I love the music and I'm not western!)

This is the fabric two step, done by Atkinson Designs.  I had these charm squares and didn't know what to do that was different.  The pattern caught my eye, so I called Kelly up the Hobby Horse and asked her to mail it down to me.  Kind person that she is, she did. 

I cut all the charms in half and then cut what is going to be the main fabric.

I did get them sewn together but that's as far as I'll get until I come back home.  I bought a soft yellow for the inner border and the blue flower print will be the outer border.  I'm thinking maybe yellow flannel for the back.  I think I'll check out a certain store in PEI for that.
I worked on a quilt for Susan over the week-end.  This is just one of a few quilts Susan is donating to Slave Lake (I know I promised no more, but this is really it.)  Susan mucked up her rotary cuff in her shoulder and didn't help it any by sewing four quilts in 3 days.  Daft devil!!!!  I offered to machine quilt this one and I'm rather happy with it.  Susan hasn't seen it, but did give approval for the butterflies in every block. 

That's it for sewing folks.  Tomorrow is a tour of ????? didn't think I would tell you, did you?  Wednesday is just a posting about .........yes, you have to wait for that too.

Be good...............................

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