Thursday, June 30, 2011

Out and about

Heather sent me a message via Facebook that she would like something from Village Pottery, so we went back up yesterday morning.  This is what she requested.......................

for heather

While I was there, I picked up a gift for my friend Joanne for her birthday.  It will arrive a bit late, unfortunately.  Her b-day was the 24th of June and I completely forgot!!!!  I need a good smack for that one.

for Joanne
It was made by Suzanne and I met both her and her Mom the other day when I was in the shop.  Adds a bit more to the gift I think.

In the afternoon we headed up to York which is outside Charlottetown.  Karl needed a new muffler for his roto-tiller and I never miss the opportunity to visit the gift shop they have.


The grounds are beautiful.  They have a experimental garden across the road from here and this is behind the store.  Lovely.

flower garden

On the way back to

Les' sign

we stopped for gas.  This is for all the people in Ontario......................yes, you are reading it right!!!!

gas price, june 29, 2011

we also saw this magnificent scenery.  The day was clear with no haze so I grabbed the opportunity to snap this pic.  We aren't always this lucky on a hilltop
scenery from the hill top

The weather has been fantastic.  The temperature yesterday at the campsite was 30*C.  We didn't do much I can tell you when we got back.  Loafing is good on a holiday though isn't it?

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Humboldt Broncos
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