Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lindsay's wall hanging

I have a bit of a pre-amble to the story so I thought I should tell it first.  How did I meet Irene?  Irene walked into a guild meeting one night and asked if she could sit at our table.  I said "sure".  Of course, being two gabby souls we got to talking.  THEN, when it came time to sign up to help with the quilt show, Irene said "I want to be where the fun is"...................I told her that was the kitchen so the two of us ended up being the kitchen co-ordinators for the last quilt show.  There is more to this story, but I'll keep it for another time.   Now the story of Lindsay's quilt..................

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay.  She is Irene's youngest daughter.  I have seen photos and she is a lovely young lady.  Lindsay graduates from university this spring and Mom made her a gift...............
I know what it is.  Its beautiful!

I asked Irene for the story and in her words here it is.........

Lindsay is our 22 year old daughter whose convocation from the University of Guelph is next Monday (yesterday). She is graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science with Honours. Her Major was Earth and Atmospheric Studies with a Minor in Geology. She has always wanted a stained glass quilt to hang on a wall and I was going to make one for her High School graduation and, of course didn't get around to it. She chose the colours she wanted in her quilt and the blocks from a book that I had.

We have 2 girls and Lindsay is the complete opposite of her sister Kim. Lindsay is happiest in a lab examining pond scum or outdoors climbing in hiking boots over rocks and through bush doing geological mapping. Her sister (12 years older than Lindsay) is a Senior Interior Designer and is happiest space planning and choosing aesthetically pleasing finishes for her corporate clients while wearing her high heeled shoes, expensive co-ordinating outfits and carrying her designer handbag!! They both love to draw. Kim with a computer program and Lindsay carries pencils and a sketch book in her backpack. ...and they both love my quilts. Kim has already put dibs on the Christmas row by row BOM for the Grandbabies to have at Christmas time for the family to snuggle under while watching T.V.

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Humboldt Broncos
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