Monday, June 27, 2011

I've started

I went shopping on Monday afternoon.  It had been drizzly all morning and they promised sunshine, wasn't
looking good.  I asked Karl if we could take a short jaunt up to New London as I knew there was this wonderful pottery shop there.  I'd found it on the internet.

I had asked the girls what they wanted before we left home, so choosing was a bit easy.  There were so many things to choose from.  I chose vases for the girls.  Heather loved the lupins, so that's what she is getting, Kristina loved the blue/"ruby" blend, so her vase is that.  I love yellow!  I choose a dish that can be used for candy. Its beautiful, but then everything in the store is beautiful. 
My young girls are getting fun things.  Taylor is getting a frog and there is a story behind that choice and Morgan is getting a cute little dish with a mouse on the side. 
Here is a link to their website so you can browse at your leisure.
Sorry no photos as everything is so well wrapped, I don't want to open it.  It has a long journey home.
Now take a look at these two photos.  One is from the front door

and this is the view from the window inside the shop.  Wouldn't this be fabulous to look at every day?

On the way back from New London, we stopped in Stanley Bridge, a fishing village.  This is a shop that was by the side of the road so we popped in and left some money there too.  Karl bought me a lovely tea set -- tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug, and cups and saucers all in a beautiful box.  We also bought a Christmas gift for a friend.  No, can't show that either as she reads the blog!  I'm just a real party pooper today, aren't I?


This is Stanley Bridge.  We have been here before and its one of those little villages you travel through several times when you are going from one place to another.  I love the quaintness of them, so we will be dropping in and out of several over the next few days.

This is the 224 that we travelled.  A lovely little back road and no traffic to speak of.  Hilly and so scenic.


When we arrived back at the campground, the sun was shining and the thermometer had been sitting in the sun.  I moved it to the shade and then snapped a photo.  A perfect day!


Tomorrow...................Charlottetown............fabric!!!  and maybe a visit to the Anne of Green Gables store.

P.S.  Oh, darn, our daughter-in-law has just asked us to go back to Village Pottery.  Don't know as I can handle that.

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Humboldt Broncos
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