Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yesssssssssss, I bought some fabrics

Well this is what I bought.  One was a kit from a store in Waterford, Ontario called Quilt Junction. I absolutely loved the fabrics she had in her booth.  They were unique and different, not your same old, same old.  Waterford is not that far away from my home, so I'll just google it and off I'll go one sunny day, with or without a passenger.  When I wander over, I'll take my camera and take some pictures to share with you.  The shop is in a old railway station which will certainly add some atmosphere to it.

This kit will make a little quilt 50" x 40" which will be perfect for a wee tot!  Not one of mine for sure, but a little one in the neighbourhood perhaps.  I have a couple of little sweethearts living close by that just might like to have it.................Madeleine for sure.  She loves bugs!

I bought this for me!  Yes, me!  I love coral and I love turquoise so this just jumped off the shelf and said "buy me, buy me".  I couldn't leave it there to continue its chant.

Then there were these 30's prints.  I ran out of variety for Little Birdie so these will fill in quite nicely and surprise, surprise I didn't have these.

This is a panel bought from our local store that was at the show.  Quilters Garden Patch have the most amazing fabrics.  Janet has great taste in what she is putting in her shop.  Its a panel again for a child.  This one will be donated to Healthy Babies, Healthy Children when its done.  I'll get two out of it.  They won't be large, but they will be cozy.

Susan bought this charm square pack for me cause I was the chauffeur.  We both love cats so this will find a place in our homes some day soon.

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Humboldt Broncos
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