Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The sun finally came out on Friday and stayed with us all day Saturday.  We didn't go to the quilt show on Friday as Karl wanted to get the grass cut.  We waited til late afternoon for that job to be done.  For some reason we loafed around all morning cause we were tired.  Absolutely no reason for it, we just didn't have any get up and go.

Saturday was different.  I did 4 loads of laundry, had a shower and off we trouped over to the Niagara Heritage Quilt Show.  They held it at the Niagara on the Lake campus of Niagara College.  They had the gymnasium and it was big!  It was well lit and when I walked through the doors I knew this was going to be a beautiful show.
I'm going to feature a few quilts first, cause there is a story that goes with these.  Girls in my guild know I always have stories to go with my quilts.........................

My friend of over 40 years has a sister-in-law by the name of Joanne Visser who lives in Virginia Beach.  She does not sew.  As I walked through the show I came across this quilt made by Joanne Visser!  Exact same spelling!!!

I love snowmen so this definitely caught my eye.  On my way out who should I run into, but Joanne Visser!  I told her the story.  It reminded me of the Disney song, "Its a small, small world"!

Now this quilt is something I wish I could find the pattern for.  Its an original design and its 30's prints.  I really like this but would love it bigger....................much bigger.  I think it would make a lovely quilt.  Perhaps I can do something on EQ.  I'll have a go.  I have a reason for looking for patterns with 30's prints.

This quilt is so different and when you read the label you found out the story behind it.  These blocks were swapped!  I think it is a great idea.  Find a group of women and swap could actually use layer cakes.  Then you have a keepsake of all of your friends.

I decided while walking through the Merchant's Mall that I'm going to start to buy 30's prints.  I'll put them all in a quilt and call it the Merchants' Mall quilt.  I started at the show I went to a week ago and bought two more sets of 5 at this show.  I have one more show to go to and perhaps they will have some.  I'll post photos of them tomorrow. Course I could always make this one too. 

You have waited patiently, so here is a slide show of the quilt show.  I wish I had taken a photo of all the quilts, but I think I wandered around with my mouth hanging open most of the time.  Awesome........totally!

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Ooooooops, wait a second.  I forgot something.  This is the Quilting Car and it was on display in the courtyard of Niagara College.  How cute is this?

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