Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ready for the binding box!

We have a beautiful oak dining table that we bought a long time ago.  It has two leaves, both 18" wide so that it will accommodate a lot of people.........................or so we thought.  We had 10 at Easter and we all got around, but I think the next family dinner will be outside on the patio.  We can spread out just a little bit more.

the table is set

dining room table

There is a slight problem with the table.  When the leaves aren't it, it really doesn't like to stay closed.  Just about every day, Karl grabs it and sets it back together.  I think he finds it pretty annoying.  He made a suggestion that perhaps we should have one long placemat that runs through the centre of the table. I agreed!  Maybe its because one night I hit the edge of my glass of milk and it went everywhere!  It completely missed my placemat and into the crack it went................down the side of the table too.  I wish I'd had Misty that night.  Clean up would have been a breeze.

I had bought a book awhile ago with placemats and table runners in it. It is called "Let's Do Lunch", by Atkinson Designs. I looked through it and decided to make "Fast Food", cause it looked easy.  It was.  I extended it another row which was easy to do.
runner  I have it sandwiched and quilted and the binding is on.  I selected a few fabrcis from a fat quarter bundle I bought from Connecting Threads and bought the binding at The Hobby Horse last week when I was up.

easy quiltingI did very simple quilting on it.  Just picked the blocks I wanted to do and left it at that.  It wasn't time consuming at all.

Now its ready for the "binding box".  I'll sew down the rest when we are on holiday.  I like to have hand work for the evenings and along with embroidery this will do the trick.
ready for stitching

For those of you that are doing the Bunny Hill ~~  Henrietta Whiskers BOM ~~ Block 5 is posted this morning. Patterns

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