Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain, rain go away

please don't come back another day

We asked for donations to our quilt relief for Alberta.  21 quilts so far have been offered.  25 would be nice.  They are being shipped the end of June to Lesser Slave Lake as Slave Lake lost their post office in the fire.

We are off to another quilt show this morning.  Niagara Heritage Guild is having their show this week-end and seeing as the liquid sunshine has inundated our backyard and you can't cut grass or work in the garden we are off to Niagara on the Lake.   This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful areas in Ontario.  If you ever get a chance, go!  It is way above Niagara Falls for its beauty.  

This is what our yard looks like.....................

This is our neighbour's...................

Karl took water out of the well and put it into barrels in his greenhouse and hopefully some of the water lying in the yard will find its way into the well.

We live on an old creek bed that was filled in to make a subdivision.  We usually get this in March, not May, but things are wacky all over the place this year.  Areas can't get rain and we can't stop it.  Hopefully we see the sun on promises though.

I'll take photos at the show and post next week.  Enjoy the
week-end everyone.  Have a burger for me.

Sorry, just a bit more.  On Thursday I went down to my local quilt store. That will be a show and tell for next week.  Three girls were working in the back and we got to talking.  One asked could she bring something for show and tell to Guild that was just a top.  I said "sure", its a WIP.  She looked at me...............Work in Progress, then I said I have a lot of FIFI's.....................Find it, Finish it and then I got the best one I've ever heard.

WOMBAT...................Waste of money, brains and time!  Love it.

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Humboldt Broncos
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