Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Next up................

Remember I mentioned our daughter would like new stockings and a tree skirt for Christmas this year?  I started the skirt first but the green was wrong so I urged (very strongly urged) that she get a darker green.  She agreed and the skirt moved to the back burner.

In the meantime I did a lot of other stuff and then thought I could get cracking on the stockings.  I made two and then put them aside.  Last week I got my act in gear and finished them.  The original pattern was on Angies Bits and Pieces and that was what I did...............sort of!  Kristina wanted them BIG!  22 inches long.  It will hold magazines better.  (Personally, I like them small.  Santa has to leave less stuff!)

Two are completely finished and three are now ready for the binding box.  Each stocking has different material for the trees -- most taken from the stash and the goldie/yellow is different on all of them too.  Someone asked me if I was going to put names on them, but apparently everyone is going to get to choose which one they want.

My personal favourite of all of them is this one.  It is sheer luck that the writing on the fabric worked out as well as it did.  If I lived in that house this is the one I would choose to have the Santa booty stuffed into!

Over the next little while I will start to work on the tree skirt.  Of course, I'll have to find Misty a new spot to snooze first.

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
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