Monday, May 16, 2011

I went to a quilt show

This past week-end was busy.  On Saturday we travelled to St. Thomas for a funeral.  My friend's Dad passed away and we were more than happy to drive 2 hours for her.  It was a lovely service and I got to meet some more of her family and re-acquaint myself with others. 

Then on Sunday Susan and I went to the Halton Quilters Guild Quilt Show.  We left at 9:30 and walked through the doors just as they opened.  The show was great.....................lots of quilts and lots of merchants so you know where I spent my money this week-end.  That's for another day.

The first quilt is by a fellow blogger whom I got to meet.  Bunny at The Creative Hare is a member of the Halton Guild and it was so nice to meet her.  Bunny is now working on portrait #3 and they are all fantastic.  It's the bottom one, but I guess you figured that one out.

Bunny's portrait

This next piece is also done by someone I know.  Marg is a fabulous quilter and is not only a member of Halton but of our guild too.  I love this one.  Its so bright and cheerful for the fall.  I've done a few by Details by Diane and her patterns are terrific.

This one is done by Judy.  A fellow quilter I've know for a long time. 

I know the quilter

This was amazing Look at this.  Isn't this beautiful?  It was hung in a window with no curtaining behind it and the light filtered through it.  I want to do a stained glass wall hanging for my son in law for Christmas and this proved to me it will work.  He wants it for his kitchen door window.

There were some things I thought were just the most fantastic ideas.  The labels for each individual quilt were stunning.   Isn't it funny the things you admire and thing about when you leave a show? 

I love these labels  Aren't they fantastic?  And look at their tombola!  There were 50 to choose from.  I bought -- well, that's not quite true....Susan bought me tickets to fill out and I put them all in the bag for #33.  It was the one that caught my eye -- it was so pretty.  Luck will be with me or it won't.

This one!

Tomorrow, I'm going to show you the quilt that I thought should be the winner.  It was done by my LA, Robin of Pettyquilt Junction.

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