Friday, May 27, 2011


Have you ever done anything so brilliant that you had to share it with the world?  I did last week.

I heard about this new "marking" pen on my quilting forum.  They are made by Pilot and they are ball Frixion pens.  They are erasable (don't use these to sign your last will and testament!)  I'll let you read all about them here.  I picked this up from the Crestar Limited website.

Click this.  It will come up larger.
Well, I had to try them.  I went up to Staples and bought the pack.  I came home and lo and behold, the colours aren't right for the quilt I wanted to do.  Its black and nothing shows up on the black.  Rats and darn.

So I decided to try it on my July BOM.   Now before I begin, let me explain something.  I was told that once you mark your whatever, if you apply heat the pen lines will disappear.  Note that, okay.  Sooooooooo, I marked the quilt top and was nearly done.  I stopped and did a double take and thought to myself -- how darn stupid can you be -- I didn't get an answer.  Maybe just as well.  I may not have liked it.

I use fusible batting for wall hangings..............fusible batting you iron your backings and tops to..............that requires heat.......tht means yaaaaaaaaaaaaa, the lines will disappear!  Brilliant I am, just ruddy brilliant.

I sandwiched it and then remarked it.  Then I sat at the machine and did the quilting on the border.

What I like about this is, it doesn't matter whether you hit the lines or not cause when you are done and after you iron it.................................

the lines have disappeared and no one is the wiser.

This is the back of the wall hanging.  The cat fabric I have had for years and years and that's about all that was left.  I added the green as a giant border....................the stitching shows up well on it.

This is it.  More or less done.  "Misty in the Garden".................if she survives to lie in the garden.  She had a misshap on Saturday.  A cat was wandering through our yard, scared the devil out of Misty and she hightailed it up the steps, across the porch and right into the front door................solid glass and it doesn't budge.  Poor little beggar must have had a good headache after that one. Of course, she got kisses to make it feel better.

Would I use this pen on a family heirloom?  No!!!!, but for a small wall hanging that will never see extreme temperatures or ever be washed, why not.  It makes my life easier and you all know I do like easy.

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