Monday, April 18, 2011

This is cute and

its soooooooooooooooooooo easy.  I saw this on our quilting forum.  One sister sent it to another as an Easter gift.

I googled until I found what I wanted.  I phoned my granddaughter and asked would she like to come over and help make some.  She was all enthusiastic (not so much),but said she would come.  This will be table favours for our daughter and daughter in law at our Easter dinner.  I'm going to hang mine in my kitchen. 

We made four of them, so we have a spare one.  Well, maybe not.  The youngest grand might like it seeing as the bunnies each are holding something really good.

This is the link I found.  I figured about 5 minutes to make it.  Wrong!!!  They each take more than that.  Of course, we could have done it faster if we didn't have to return to the store to buy more supplies.  Dum-diddy-dum-dum   dum-dum!!!  If only we could multiply.

Taylor would not be photographed making our bunnies, but she was willing to take mine rolling the face cloth.

rolling the arms

These are the final results.  I didn't like the way the bunnies finished up, so we tucked the longer back piece up underneath the skirt in the front.  I hope the girls like them.  They were fun to make and those eggs?  They each hold 10 jelly beans all colour co-ordinated.  Taylor decided that's how we were doing it.
2 more bunnies

2 bunnies

Before Taylor went home, we saw a car park on the street in front of our house.  Now he parked in an area most people wouldn't ~~ right on the corner.  When we looked out this is also what we saw

Wild turkey in the "hood"Ontario does have wild turkeys but no one has ever seen one in our neighbourhood before.  We are getting more and more wildlife around here as each new subdivision gets built.  This guy better find a new home and fast.

The little verse on each bunny reads:
                              I'm more than a bunny
     all tied up with bows,
I serve a real purpose
     as everyone knows.
Just untie my ribbons
     and then you will see,
A towel and two dishcloths
     to remind you of me.

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