Friday, April 8, 2011

I've been busy.................

I've had one of those weeks just doing "stuff".  Our guild show is next May so I've been doing things for it, I made some Christmas gifts as part of our Christmas club and then thought why not really get ahead for Christmas club and do something different.

Here they are...................

These are for the quilt show.  That's all I'm saying, nothing more.  I had a charm pack and then looked through what was in the sewing room and cut up some old fabrics into 5" squares.  They aren't all here, just a few.


Then there is Christmas Club.  We are going away the middle of June and part of July so if I don't get ahead I will have to rush when I get back.  I don't like rushing.  It causes me to make mistakes......something else I did this week, but that's another l-o-n-g story.

These are little wallets and are gifts for a variety of people this Christmas.  I'm going to pop in gift cards and I now have all of them done. I needed 12.  More scraps gone from the boxes although I don't see the fabric going down much.

Little Wallets

As you all know we have anew little kitten in our lives.  Well when Christmas rolls around she will need a stocking just like Karl and I.  I have seen this pattern  on Angie's over the years and really wanted to make it.  Now I have a reason to sew it up.  I did.  It is so cute.

Misty's stocking
Misty really doesn't have pink pads on her paws...............they are more a grey tone, so that's what I did.  I measured the area Angie had allowed for the top and then made a text box on document the same size.  I typed in her name and then chose which font I liked the best.  This is Braddon and I did it in bold.  It turned out rather well I thought.  I guess this is a bit of a cheat, because there is no quilting.  The only thing that holds it all together is the blanket stitch around the pads.  It won't get used for much................just those special treats we all only get at Christmas.

Talk to you on Monday....................

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