Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Miss Birdie

The first block I'm going to feature today was done by Anita.  She has joined us in this block of the month and is doing catch up.  She works fast so it won't be a problem for her.  This is Anita's January block.

Anita January

Gloria is always so fast at getting her blocks done.  The day its posted, speedy fingers has her block completed.  I don't know how she does it.

Gloria's April

Lynda is done too!  We both took a bit of liberty with this block.  Some may call it artistic licence.  Whatever it is I like the way none are the same. 

Lynda's April

This is mine.  I decided when these came out that I would do a different bird every month.  April not only brings spring showers (and sometimes snow), but the robins are back and the spring bulbs have not only pushed through the ground, some are blooming.  Our scilla are always ready for Easter...............a deep purple appropriate colourwise.  No eggs in mine.  Easter isn't always in April so I didn't want to feature it.

004 [640x480]

Irene is on vacation right now.  A lovely holiday in Britain visiting her son.  I'll post her block in a couple of weeks when she returns.  It won't take her long to get it finished.

The blocks are still on the website if you would like to join us.  They really are quick and easy to do.

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